I Love This Bird

Do you?

I really love this bird. I love everything about him except for his terrible nightmare eyelids which I will show you now, beware:

OK. Yes, so they’re terrible nightmares— so what. Nobody’s perfect. We all have little things we’d like to change about ourselves, but when it comes down to it those are the little things that make us ourselves. And I still love this bird very much. Would I change his eyelids if I could, to make them normal? Of course.

Some of my heartless work acquaintances don’t like this bird, incorrectly, and here is what they said:

Thank you, Mike and Dusty. Dusty, rarely the voice of reason and the man who shared the original GIF, said this bird is a shoebill. His story checks out. I love the bird.

Do you?

“Thank You”