Celesbians Bi-Weekly: U-Hauling

An engagement, a breakup, and Cannie is back on.

Welcome to a new bi-weekly column about the comings and goings of famous (and famous-ish) women who date other women. Should I have called it Ceeping up with the Celesbians? Haha.


Omg, SOOOO much has happened since the last installment. So much. Like one whole episode of “The Real L Word’”s worth of drama.

First of all, Abby Wambach and Glennon Doyle Melton got engaged! If you’re like, Katie, hang on a sec, didn’t these two JUST announce their relationship in mid-November? Like two seconds after they both got divorced? Talk about U-Hauling!! My answer is two-pronged: 1) yes, they did announce they were dating just four months ago, but 2) they’ve probably been dating since last June, after they met at a book event last May. So. BIG difference. (Glennon also seems to have nursed a crush on Abby for some time.)


In other, TERRIBLE news, my favorite probably-fake pseudo-celesbian couple Megan Leto Marx and Tiffany Scanlon have seemingly split. The proof is in the Instagram pudding: they’ve each posted Sad Solo Grams, deleted their joint email account, and posted about being in different countries — Tiffany’s back in Oz (can I say “Oz”?) and Megan remains in Bali. Sad!

Oh, Megan.

In better (maybe?? more fun, definitely) news, Annie Clark and Cara Delevingne have been seen canoodling, in person, by friend of the column Katie Walsh. Cannie is BACK ON, FOLKS. Surely this time it will go well.

Hot tip!

Tangentially, Annie posted a picture of her butt in some jeans and maybe that is something you’d be interested in, I don’t know.

What else? Oh, Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell remain good friends. Very very good friends. Like, such. Good. Friends.

Eyeroll emoji.

ICYMIBSCFSM (that’s “in case you missed it but still care for some reason,” and no judgment, because I definitely still care, for some reason!), Trish Bendix interviewed The Real L Word’s Whitney Mixter. She and Sada and no longer together. She is also “currently developing a series with her best friend [and “Real L Word” favorite] Alyssa Morgan. Called “The Wood,” Whitney and Alyssa play fictionalized versions of themselves in ‘real’ situations.” Honestly, I’m here for it. Team Alyssa.

That’s it! Are you still listening to MUNA’s “I Know A Place” every second of every day? Me too.