One Direction’s Week(s) in Review: 12/19 & 12/26

The band is on a break, but the boys aren’t.

Photo: @officialwith1d

One Direction last performed together on a Sunday night, Dec. 13th, 2015, on the season finale of the British iteration of “The X Factor.” They sang a single from their fifth album, accepted accolades from Simon Cowell and others, and then vanished into the night to begin a hiatus with no end-date. Between them, in the months since they last took the stage, they have officially announced very little — four solo record deals, the birth of a child, the founding of a golf management company. But each week they are out in the world, doing things, going places. This is what we know.

Harry Styles spent the Christmas holiday in Holmes Chapel, England with his mother, sister, and step-father, though not before spending a day out in London in a grey hoodie and massive fur coat with the British pop-singer Dua Lipa. In Holmes Chapel, he was out and about, one night wearing a black-and-white striped button-down and a Gucci tiger cardi, one night wearing a red-and-black flannel and a grey jumper, one night wearing a tropical-print shirt and quite hectic jumper, and one night wearing the same tropical-print shirt and a shearling-lined leather bomber. On New Year’s Eve in Holmes Chapel, his outfit was understated (a black button-down, black jeans) but his smile was not. He broke a months-long Twitter silence on Christmas (“Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas Day. Love to all. H”) and again on New Year’s Day (“It’s 2017. Be nice. Be good.”). He has tweeted “It’s (year).” each year since the formation of the band, but the addition of “Be nice. Be good.” is surprising and welcome.

Louis Tomlinson spent the holiday at his family’s home in Doncaster, England. He turned 25 on Dec. 23 and was feted on social media by Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Steve Aoki, his sister Lottie Tomlinson, One Direction hairstylist Lou Teasdale, and the official One Direction Twitter account. While home, he went to the market, to a club called The Alchemist, and was spotted bopping around Leeds. On New Year’s Eve, he watched some fireworks from a close range. The next day he wore a shearling-lined jean jacket and said he’d felt better.

Niall Horan spent the holiday in Mullingar, Ireland with friends and family. One night, he went to the pub with his father, Bobby Horan, On New Year’s Eve, he watched some fireworks on TV and posed for some pics. He posted some memories of a friend who is leaving London. He played some winter golf.

Liam Payne spent the holiday in Wolverhampton, England with his family and probably also his girlfriend Cheryl Ann Cole Tweedy Fernandez-Versini (Payne?). In the week before Christmas, he arranged to send gifts to the children’s ward at the local hospital, which the hospital shared with the local paper. In the week after Christmas, he spent some time answering fan questions on Twitter. He didn’t reveal much, but did use the phrase, “small novel of description” to describe a sentence, and well, that’s sweet. They are sweet boys.

Notable Adjacent News

Anne Twist, mother of Harry Styles, changed her Twitter icon to a picture of her and her two children.