How Do You Pronounce Moleskine?

The expensive notebook from bookstores.


One can find many things on Moleskine®’s official YouTube channel. An ad for planners. A Game of Thrones thing. A traveling exhibition inspired by paper — OK. (Whether one wants anything one might find on Moleskine®’s official YouTube channel is up to one.) However, something one will not find on Moleskine®’s official YouTube channel is an official Moleskine®-sanctioned pronunciation of Moleskine®.

This is because there is no official Moleskine®-sanctioned pronunciation of Moleskine®.

Incredible. The notebooks? Yes, you remember them from the rack at the bookstore. From Molskine’s official website:

Many Moleskine users send us enquiries as to which is the correct way of pronouncing the word “Moleskine”. The answer is: there is no predetermined answer.

Moleskine is a brand name with undefined national identity. And that’s the way we like it. As a literary name, it was used by British travel writer Bruce Chatwin in his book “The Songlines”, referred to the little black notebooks he usually bought from a stationery store in Paris.

Everyone should feel free to pronounce it as he/she prefers. Enjoy.


I would “Enjoy.” you to just tell me how to say it; you’re a notebook.

This was brought to my attention today when Silvia Killingsworth Slack chatted me and said:

We believe in transparency here at The Hairpin, just like the website Gawker sort of did but only in some ways. Yes, I would like to do a post on How Do You Pronounce Moleskin


How do you pronounce Molskine?

Silvia Killingsworth, editor of The Awl and The Hairpin, pronounces it “MOLE-skin.”

  • ✓ That is an acceptable pronunciation of Moleskine.

Brian Feldman, Spoon fan, pronounces it “mole-skin.”

  • ✓ That is definitely a pronunciation of Moleskine.

Alex Balk, online writer, says “I am sorry to say I pronounce it ‘mole-skeyn.’” [Ed. note: he means mole-skyne, not mole-skayn.]

  • No reason to be sorry, Alex.
  • ✓ That is an acceptable pronunciation of Moleskine.

Mike Dang, lovable Slack personality, pronounces it “Mole-skin.”

  • ✓ That’s just right.

Megan Reynolds, editor of The Billfold, pronounces it “mole-skin.”

  • Megan, I’d like to be the first to congratulate you on your pronunciation of Moleskine.
  • ✓ It is acceptable.

Christine Friar, a Twitter favorite among the who’s-who, pronounces it “mole — skin.”

  • ✓ “Like.”

Adam Frucci, un-boxer of the 2012 Toyota Yaris, says, “I don’t pronounce it,” and “I’ve never said it out loud,” and “never thought it much either.” OK.

  • ✖ That is incorrect.

Michael Macher, just “Macher” to friends, pronounces it “Mol-es-skin.”

  • ✓ Ultimately whatever way you want to say it is the correct way.

Nicole Dieker, writer at The Billfold, pronounces it “Mole Skin.”

  • Write something about this, Nicole.
  • ✓ You’re right.

Dusty Matthews, tech, pronounces it “mole-skin.”

  • ✓ Yay, Dusty. Everyone say “yay” for Dusty.

Casey Johnston, swole woman, said, “mole like the animal. skin like that which covers our bodies.”

  • ✓ And she is bench pressing 1000 pounds of correct pronunciation.

Keenan Trotter, one of my favorite living men, said, “i pronounce it like mole-skin, where ‘mole’ rhymes with coal and ‘skin’ rhymes with spin”

  • ✓ Oh yes.

Leah Finnegan, author of Leah Letter, pronounces it “mole-skin.”

  • ✓ Fuck.

Samer, from Deadspin, said, “like the notebook? hmm. i would say i pronounce it mole-skin but that’s probably wrong. i just generally avoid it by calling it a ‘notebook’ but mole-skin is my final answer.”

  • ✓ Yes.

Kelly Conaboy, me, pronounces it “mole skin.”

  • ✓ Perfect.

How do you pronounce Molskine? Say your answer aloud.