Don’t Watch Award Shows

You don’t have to.

It is award show season, or awards show season, whichever is correct. It is easy to assume this means you have to watch award shows. In fact you do not.

There are some people who have to watch award shows as part of their job. As someone who used to be one of those people, I trust that they hate it and I’m sorry and I hope that they soon do not have to do it as part of their job. Fingers crossed maybe there is still time for these people to pick a career that is not blogging.

If you don’t have to do it for your job: just don’t. It’s nice.

“But during an award show is the best time to tweet about my hatred of celebrity and award shows.” That’s you and you sound crazy.

“But I believe real change can happen when celebrities stand at the award podium and speak out about political issues.” What’s wrong with you.

“The outfits.” That part I understand more than the others but you can see them online the next day if you must.

Award shows are evil and morally indefensible but beyond that they are boring and take forever to end. Don’t watch them.


Now is not the time to indulge in the darkness and anger brought upon by award shows. The speeches, the jokes, the pride, the self-congratulating. The sagacious old white men choosing which art was best, thank you. Of course it was never the time to indulge in that anger, but just because we have made mistakes in the past does not mean we have to continue without adjusting our behavior. I know that is our standard method of operating, but this change, unlike some other changes, is an easy change.

Just don’t watch them. Maybe if no one watches them eventually they will stop having them.

Thank You