Why Not a One-Mug Microwave?

One mug, one heart.


I thought of this yesterday. Why not a one-mug microwave? Normally microwaves are large and cumbersome. The one-mug microwave would be small, fit one mug, and it wouldn’t have to be on the countertop all of the time. You could store it elsewhere when you didn’t need it. It would have two options: warm a mug that is filled to the top with liquid and warm a mug that is filled halfway. It would be very handy.

There are such things as electric mug warmers that serve this exact purpose. I’ve never used one of these. They seem odd to me. Put a mug on a plate? Ehhh… I have used a microwave, however, and I think a one-mug microwave would do just fine. Open the small door and put your mug in. Why should we allow electric mug warmers to be the only mug warming option just because it’s the option that already exists? Open your mind.

One-mug microwaves would be ideal for around 10 a.m. when your second cup of coffee has become cold. Doesn’t that sound good? Yes. They are mainly for people who don’t have a traditional microwave and dislike warming liquid on the stove because it always comes away with a burnt taste and then you also have to wash a pot. A one-mug microwave would be a luxury, yes, but only in the same way a small food processor is. It would cost around thirty dollars.

Of course, some extravagant households would have both a traditional microwave and a one-mug microwave. “I just don’t want to have to choose whether to warm my drink first or my food first when I could warm both at once,” you can imagine these people (men) saying. It’s fine. There will always be people (men) like this and maybe you can steal something from their house while you’re there.

Can you put things that aren’t mugs in a one-mug microwave? Sure — if they fit. Maybe you want to warm a cookie. You could also get creative: put your leftover Chinese food into a mug to warm it in your one-mug and then transfer it to another dish. Or just eat it out of the mug! The uses of your one-mug microwave are limited only by your imagination (and its size).

NOTE: There is a depressing trend on-line aimed toward single women that is “single servings of food you can make in a mug in the microwave.” As the inventor of the one-mug microwave I’d like to steer you away from this trend even though, on its face, it seems ideal for the one-mug microwave. It makes me sad to think about. Obviously you can do whatever you want but please don’t make a single serving of cake for yourself in a mug in the microwave.

As my final point I’d like to ask: Why are most microwaves either black or white? The one-mug microwave could come in cute colors.

So that’s the one-mug microwave idea.


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