“Vanderpump Rules” Season 5 Fanfic Prompts

Anything could happen

Chapter 1:

What if, in this season of “Vanderpump Rules,” Jax and Stassi got back together? I always thought they were a good match. If they got back together, it could be cool, in my opinion.

Chapter 2:

What if Sandoval and Kristen got back together this season? I always thought they were bad together. If they got back together it would probably be bad, but…interesting!

Chapter 3:

What if Peter and Katie were to get back together? You never see them together on the show, but you hear about it, and when you do you feel neither good nor bad. Certainly something to think about, them getting back together that is!

Chapter 4:

What if, in this season, Laura Leigh came back? Just a joke for anyone who enjoyed the first season, haha! Could be…cool…

Chapter 5:

What if Jax and his old, male roommate (do not remember the name as he was only in one episode) admit to more than kissing? During the most recent ’Pump reunion, all the women on the show admitted to hooking up with another woman at some point, but none of the men will do the same. Could be cool and progressive if someone admitted it, if it’s true, which I think it is. I guess in this fan fic, it is true and Jax admits it and it’s not a lie and it is progressive. Did you know Jax used to be roommates with Channing Tatum? Maybe in this fic he admits that he hooked up with Channing Tatum, although that seems like a real stretch, even for fanfic.

Chapter 6:

What if, in this season, Lisa Vanderpump opens another new restaurant like she did with Pump, the sexy garden restaurant, in Season 3? That is to say, what if she had four restaurants instead of three? Could mean more work for Lisa, but also could be cool for us, the fans!

Chapter 7:

What if this is the season when I get a full time job? Could be cool, but would it conflict with me watching “Vanderpump Rules” the amount that I have been, and if that’s the case, should I maybe not be applying for any more full time jobs?

Chapter 8:

What if Katie dyes her hair again?

Chapter 9:

What if they invite Peter to the reunion this season instead of just making him serve drinks to everyone afterwards? Are there not enough chairs for him to sit in one, too? Hmm?

Chapter 10:

What if this is the season where I know which one I am? Right now I identify as a Katie, Stassi rising with hints of Laura Leigh…just a joke for those who enjoyed the first season, haha! But, in all seriousness, I would love to know.

Jenny Nelson lives and writes in Brooklyn.