“Hillary Goddamn Brilliant Badass Queen Beyoncé Rodham”

That’s who Samantha Bee is voting for

This seven-minute clip from last night’s “Full Frontal” with Samantha Bee is an excellent reminder of all the shit Hillary Clinton had to put up with to get where she is today, including Sam Donaldson telling her she’d made a “mistake” and contributed to Bill not getting re-elected as the Governor of Arkansas because…she…wouldn’t change her last name to match his. Hillary is basically the human embodiment of all the flack that women have had to take for the last fifty years. And she is done backing off, she’s done with First Lady hairflips and oversize poinsettia earrings. The woman who once bit her tongue and deadpan-welcomed you into the White House to see the fucking Christmas decorations is about to table-flip half a century of back-asswards history and be named the leader of the free world.

Today is so exciting I’m not even going to complain about your awful sanctimonious, grandstanding Facebook posts on how this is the first election where you’ve really voted with your ovaries but also the sage words of your Grandma Rose as you shower Susan B. Anthony’s grave with “I Voted” stickers while wearing a pantsuit and ’gramming one of the many vintage shots of HRC’s perfect profile. Go nuts! And don’t forget to vote.