Would You Rather Be Buried Alive or Would You Rather Be a Ghost?

A Halloween question to frighten you.

Image: fhwrdh

Here’s a spooky question to get you going on Halloween. Would you rather be buried alive or would you rather be a ghost? Obviously there are pluses and minuses with each of them. Being buried alive is not ideal but eventually you’ll be dead and you’re already in a grave, so that’s easy. (In this scenario you are buried in a grave, and it’s by mistake, not malice or an accident outside of the accident of burying you alive.) Also you can sleep. And it will be very quiet and you can lie there knowing you’ll at least never have to make conversation with anyone ever again. The bad parts are: What if you didn’t want to die yet? And the worst part is there are going to be bugs in there eventually. Being a ghost is not ideal because probably you’ll just have to be a ghost for eternity and oh my god that is going to be extremely boring and long like every blog post is now. The pluses are you get to watch people do whatever you want, and you get to scare people, and I assume you can transport yourself to other locations, though you never hear about ghosts doing that. So I guess that’s wrong. You have to stay in the same location. But personally I sometimes stay in my apartment for long stretches and it’s pretty good. Another plus with this one is you get to talk to other ghosts. If you’re buried alive you’re just alone until you’re dead, and then you’re just dead, which can be a plus, but maybe you’d like some company. Then maybe the ghost option is for you. I don’t think ghosts can read books unless they’re left open, and in that case they can only read the pages they’re opened to, but I bet you’d be able to learn a lot from the other ghosts. They’d be from all different time periods. And you could talk about life, and about scaring people. 🙂 It sounds nice now, but that’s only because you’ve forgotten that it will last for eternity (!). And if you don’t like the other ghosts haunting your location, you’re stuck with them. You better find something you like about them because that’s it until someone new shows up, and I don’t know how long that’s gonna take. But also something to think about is if the person you’re haunting has the TV on, you can watch TV. You can’t eat anything, unfortunately, but you also can’t eat anything when you’re buried alive, and those are your only two options right now so I wouldn’t think about that aspect too much. What else. You have to watch everyone you love die if you’re a ghost. Not ideal. If you have an itchy foot in your grave I doubt you’ll be able to scratch it. Not ideal. It’s lose-lose, but the fact that it’s lose-lose is not lost on me. That was the objective — this is for Halloween. So, are you afraid? Which one?