What Can We Call This Kind Of Hat?

Some other options besides “dad hat”—you’re welcome.

Left: John Coley, Right: Robert Sheie

Recently it came to my attention that a certain kind of hat is back in style and that, unfortunately, we are calling them dad hats. Even famous non-dads’ merch websites, like Beyonce’s merch website and Kim K’s merch website are calling them that. “Dad hats.” Having already suffered through a lifetime of calling things “dad jokes” (why?) and more recently “dad bods” (again, why?) are we sure it’s not too late to call these hats something else?


Here is a list to start:

Fitted Hat

Baseball Cap

“The Classic Hat”


Shade Helper

Sun Block

Athlete’s Bonnet

Sportsperson’s Cap

Hatwitha ponytailhole

Not exactly a snap back, but similar

Trucker hat, but no mesh

Cloth Thing

Noggin Cover

Lidz(TM) Product

Hat with words on front (or not!)

Head Ware

Head? Where? (Because there’s a hat covering it)

Hair Musser

One of the most basic kinds of hats

Sunless Hat

Sonless Hat

Mom Hat

Daughter Hat

My Hat.

Jenny Nelson lives and writes in Brooklyn.