The Dyson Hairblade is HERE!

Specifically here, and it will probably never be affordable.

Sir James Dyson himself!

Guys. Ladies. People with hair. The day has finally come, and I fear it’s going to slip away just as quietly because fuck if I’m spending four hundred dollars on a hair dryer. But then again maybe I will.

Why would I do such an insane thing? Because Dyson is the Apple of the boutique domestic appliance world and I am a fangirl. All their vacuums look like factory robot limbs, all brushed-gunmetal gray with brightly colored accents, and they don’t have bags because they use cyclones. Their bladeless fan is just an empty circle THAT MAKES AIR????

I mean just look at this

James Dyson has been knighted by the Queen because he knows.

Dyson had grasped what the companies trying to make hundred-dollar vacuum cleaners had forgotten: that a lot of people get their kicks from buying appliances, and are willing to pay a premium for a machine that will deliver an emotional experience.

How To Make It – The New Yorker

So imagine my excitement for this smaller handheld circle that makes air that dries your hair. Unbelievable. I’m still not convinced it won’t just suck my hair into the hole and just disappear it into an alternate universe. Only one way to find out! Haha OH GOD does anyone have $400? Venmo me.

“Hmmm, seems like a lot for a hair dryer” ← a good double entendre

Meantime, here are some alternate options instead that are all below $100 🙂

The Best Hair Dryer