I Suggest a Chemise

To feel nice.

A chemise

Are you a lady who often doesn’t leave her apartment for long stretches of time, living life the way she likes, listening to music, having a coffee, sitting quietly, talking to no one? Tending to her plants that are dying? Watching a TV show she hates? I suggest a chemise.


What is a chemise? It’s like a slip. A dress for home, and for sleeping. Some of them are very sexy, but the sexiness level of your chemise is for you to decide. Maybe you like to feel very sexy, even if you are just padding around alone. It’s up to you. You can also get a chemise that is less sexy.

Why do I suggest a chemise? Good question. The first answer is because the minute I have any mundane thought I think, “Should I turn this into useless online content made more loathsome by the fact that I have the freedom to write essentially anything I want, including things of actual value, whatever those might be?” and then too frequently I do. The second answer is because a chemise makes you feel nice. Privately. A lady of the home.

It isn’t outside clothes. It isn’t clothes you’ve designated as “inside clothes” because of their junkiness. It’s a special inside dress just for you. It’s comfortable, keeps you cool on a warm day, and is very pleasant to behold.

Swishing around in your chemise. Lounging in your chemise. Worrying in your chemise. Making peanut butter toast in your chemise. Having a cocktail in your chemise. Sleeping in your chemise. It’s nice.

I fear this blog post is close to or maybe exactly like a “wellness” style blog post. Don’t think of this as “wellness” — it’s simply a suggestion. Maybe you’d like a chemise, for wearing around your apartment. It’s up to you. I guess all I want, really, is for you to throw away a little bit of hard-earned money as part of a futile hunt for even just a small uptick in happiness. Haha. Just kidding. This isn’t a satire post I really suggest a chemise.