Write a Tweet and Then Erase It

A tip for serenity and calmness of mind.

Image: Twitter; Art: Kelly

Write a tweet and then erase it. This isn’t a condemnation of Twitter or of tweets, it is simply a tip. A good tip for you. Erase your next tweet. Get it out, and then get rid of it. Type the words, look at them, think “eh, nevermind,” and make them disappear. Then, take a deep breath. Nobody saw that tweet— just you. And isn’t that a relief. Ahhh.

It doesn’t have to be a particularly bad tweet for this tip to bring you a sense of peace. Rarely, if ever, will you regret not tweeting something and erasing it instead. Please trust me. “But what if it is a good tweet?” It’s OK. Any tweet will do. Just erase it. Ahhh.

Now you don’t have to think about the tweet. You have nothing to worry about (regarding the tweet). You have nothing to look forward to (regarding the tweet). Your mind is calm.

Here’s what you do, loosely based on a scene from my own life:

Step 1: Write the Tweet

Step 2: Highlight the Tweet

Step 3: Erase the Tweet

Now your tweet was just a little secret for you. Yes. You can say something later, but for now you’re just relaxing. Ahhh.