Moments in Sloth and Kangaroo Video, Ranked

It’s a good video, I think you’ll be at least fine with it.

A kiss.

It’s hot. That has nothing to do with why we’re watching this video but I couldn’t begin typing anything else until I got it out. OK. It’s also very humid. All right. Listen, eventually we’ll all be dead. I’m still thinking about the heat. And the humidity. You’d think a cold shower would be helpful but then you get out of the cold shower and you’re immediately hot again and now you can’t get dry. It’s probably best to just stay somewhat dry and disgusting, out of the shower. Or, maybe the few minutes of cool relief are worth it. It’s up to you. And if you’re drinking a Corona with a slice of lime in the shower, well, now we’re talking. (But not yet.) (It’s early.) OK. Now let’s watch the video:


It’s a good video and if you ask me these are the top five parts of it, ranked:

5. The Animal Noise at 0:03

I’m not sure which animal is making the noise you hear periodically throughout the video. According to an article at Time titled “Stop Everything You’re Doing So You Can Find Out What Sound Baby Sloths Make” a baby sloth makes an “astonishingly adorable” squeak noise. OK. According to the accompanying video, the sloth does make a squeak noise that is adorable but is also very strange and seems almost like a human noise. It sounds like the noise we’re hearing in this video, kind of, so I guess the noise is a sloth noise. It’s nice when the noise happens the first time, because that’s when you know for sure that you’re going to hear an animal noise in the video. 🙂 That’s why it’s number five.

4. When Sloth Moves to Get Closer to Kangaroo at 0:37

Desire. Betrayal. Loss. Pain. Who among us cannot relate to the moment when the sloth moves to get closer to his kangaroo friend. And with his little butt in the air, so cute? You have to love it, and that’s why it’s number four.

3. When the Sloth Puts Both Arms Out at 0:46

This is heartbreaking. Maybe we shouldn’t watch this video. And that’s why this is number three.

2. When the Sloth Moves to Get Closer to the Kangaroo Again and the Kangaroo Leaves and the Woman Behind the Camera Says “Aww, Your Friend Left” at 1:00

It’s sad that the kangaroo seemingly has no interest in the sloth even though the kangaroo would be lucky to have such a sweet friend or maybe more than a friend. But also it’s cute to see the sloth climb on the plaything and very satisfying when the woman says what you’re thinking. And that’s why this is number two.

1. When the Sloth and Kangaroo Kiss

Kiss 🙂

The end.