Kiss From a Rose on the Bed: A Tip

Something new to do with rosewater, if you want.

Images: Ketzirah Lesser, Enkhtuvshin, elizaIO/Flickr; Art: Kelly

This is just a small tip. Do you ever buy this rosewater spray? I do. It has a pleasant, light, rose-y scent, and you can put it on your body after you take a shower and for a few minutes that’s what your body smells like. You can also put it in your hair. You can also put it on your bed, and that’s the tip.

Have you ever wanted your bed to smell somewhat like rosewater? When you think about it now, is it something you want? It’s light, like I said, and pleasant, like I said, and not artificial smelling, and just sort of makes it seem like your bed is a little bit a rose. Will it stain your sheets? I don’t know. I don’t think so. It’s water. What if you’re allergic? Don’t use it. Otherwise, do this: spray it on your bedsheets.

Right now I’m sitting in the clothes I wore to bed in my bedroom at my desk and the clothes I wore to bed smell faintly of rose, and it’s very pleasant.

Why not do this, if you want? It’s just a tip. Here is a very fair review of the rosewater product from a site called iHerb:

Same as any flower water product. Good. Put it on your bed for a nice scent.