Did You Hear About Heat Dome?

It’s a heat dome, baby.

Image: AIRS/Flickr. This image has nothing to do with heat dome, technically.

If you see a faded sign at the side of the road that says, “15 miles to the heeeeat dome!” Heat dome. Did you hear about this?

H-E-A-T D-O-M-B, I mean E. Can you shoot at it? No. Can you escape it? No. Do you live under it now? Yes. Does your crush? Yes. Will it bring you together? Maybe. Do you like heat dome? Yes. Do you love it? You love it, and not just because it’s listening and will almost certainly get worse as vengeance for being ill-spoken about. It’s heat dome. Here’s what it is, from the Village Voice:

The dome of high pressure and prolonged period of heat — known as a “heat dome” — is quite common for mid-summer, [Carlie] Buccola [meteorologist with the National Weather Service] says, and it’s caused by a combination of factors. After Monday’s cold front, high pressure will build on the atmosphere like a dome, pushing hot air to the surface and keeping it there. The heat streak is intensified by winds from the southwest, bringing in more hot and humid air.

Well, fuck!