We’re Baaaack!

The Hairpin is publishing again.

“Thank you Rose, thank you very much.”

Hello and welcome to the Hairpin’s new home on Medium! The Awl migrated over two weeks ago, and now here we are with a fresh new look after a much-needed beauty rest.

You may have noticed in the last few months that we were re-publishing some of our old favorites, but now it’s time to get started with all-new pieces. Today we’ve got an essay from Amelia Abreu on love and basketball, and some vampire fanfic from Madeleine Schwartz that makes a great case for Elizabeth Holmes’s black turtlenecks—it’s too good not to be true.

Come back and visit us throughout the week! We’ll have a new series from Miranda Popkey, diving into classic celebrity marriages—think Gena Rowlands and John Cassavetes, and Jessica Lange and Sam Shepard. We’ll have humor from the likes of Lauren Bans and Sarah Miller, essays from Maya Binyam, and some thoughts from Marian Bull on “healthy-living blogs.”

Finally, The Hairpin is open for business! You can send submissions, M*A*S*H notes, pitches, and feedback to notes@thehairpin.com. We will also be looking for a part-time editor VERY SOON! Stay tuned.