TV Guide Listings for ‘The Good Wife’ Spinoffs

by Laura Snapes


1.00 — L.A. Lymon

Oldies comedy: Howard Lymon and his new bride Jackie Florrick move to the West Coast to found America’s first septuagenarian law firm.

Director David Kelley (S) (R)

1.30 — Leeing Down the Loy

Picky aesthete David Lee finds life difficult when his bankrupt lover Veronica Loy moves in, sloshing wine all over his white couches.

2.00 — American Canning

As comforting as warm apple pie, American Canning takes viewers inside the loving home life of attorney Louis Canning, and his beautiful all-American family.

2.30 — Left Right Left Right

Having retired early, Diane Lockhart and Kurt McVeigh adopt a child and fight over whether mother or father knows best, in this too-thinly veiled allegory of the American political system.

3.00 — Darkness at Noon

A repeat of the season finale: a fusillade of impenetrable dream sequences, rich with symbolism — and murder.

Director Ernest Dickerson (S) (R)

4.00 — Tascione and Tom

The Good Wife’s disguised pilot manifests in this eerie but good-natured procedural, where Mike Tascione and his trusty hound are haunted by the one (nut) case they can’t crack: his estranged wife, Elsbeth.

4.30 — Cary On…!

At a loss after jacking in the law, Cary Agos explores a series of new professions to little avail. Generally upbeat, if tinged with profound darkness.

5.00 — The X-Files

A particularly foxing supernatural incident calls for the expertise of two out-of-towners: detective John Munch, and lawyer Elsbeth Tascione.

Director Chris Carter (S) (R)

6.00 — The Aide Room

Now at college, cunning student Becca plumps her coffers running Instagram’s hottest political gossip blog — much to Eli Gold’s teeth-sucking chagrin.

Director Mark Piznarski (S)

6.30 — No Strings Attached

On the run from the NSA, despairing Jeff Dellinger forms an inseparable friendship with a discarded Chumhum beaver puppet he finds in a skip, and names Chummy.

Director Chris Carter (S) (R)

7.30 — Zachary

In this adaptation of his underperforming mémoire, the eldest Florrick child recasts himself as the hero of the corrupt Chicago political dynasty. Overwritten.

Director Zachary Florrick (S) (R)

8.00 — Gold Rush

Tired of asking “what the hell’s going on,” Eli Gold runs for Congress in an attempt to instill common sense into America. Only — uh oh! — his campaign manager daughter has different ideas. Fun for all the family!

8.30 — Hightops to Heaven

In this spin on the late-1980s Michael Landon classic, deceased lawyer Will Gardner is given a chance to atone for his sins in a series of basketball-related good deeds.

Director Phil Alden Robinson (S)

9.00 — Ally

Pick of the week: Good Wife creators Robert and Michelle King strip out the courtroom drama for this fluffy comedy based on Alicia Florrick’s search for fine wine, fanciable men, and true friendship!

Directors Robert and Michelle King (S)

10.00 — Ruth or Dare

Ruth Eastman is The Fixer, a hardboiled political operative drafted in to get hapless presidential campaigns back on the rails. Ripped straight from the headlines.

Director Christopher Misiano (S)

10.30 — Colin Sweeney Investigation

The ultimate decoy: “reformed” serial killer Colin Sweeney is a detective with a rare insight into deviant minds. He’s the only criminal really helping police with their investigations.

Director Sara Sidle (S)

11.00 — BrainDead

Mixing “pulp and highbrow politics,” Robert and Michelle King’s new show centers around a young DC staffer who finds that alien spawn have eaten Congress’ brains. Nope, us neither.

Director Robert and Michelle King (S)

11.30 — Accents of Affection

The early years of the relationship between Kalinda Sharma and Nick Savarese are explored in this madcap take on unlikely love between two volatile (supposed) Brits. Subtitled.

12.00 — Boyle-ing Point

Dodgy Irish lawyer Damian Boyle and his smooth-talking sidekick Carey Zepps team up for this classic hardman caper.

Director Guy Ritchie (S)

01.00 — Law and Order: SVU

A particularly foxing murder calls for the expertise of two out-of-towners: detective John Munch, and lawyer Elsbeth Tascione.

Director Martha Mitchell (S) (R)

Laura Snapes is a writer from Cornwall, England.

Photo: Flickr