Sharon Horgan Wears The Overalls

Americans use the adjective “dark” to describe a certain kind of comedy, where Brits prefer the word “grim.” Horgan believes that “funny and grim” describes all her work. She told me that she was captivated by the idea that, during a divorce, “two people could feel passionately about someone they hadn’t felt anything for in years.” She was inspired, in part, by the divorce of a friend who left her husband for a man with whom she was having an affair; upon learning of the separation, the lover broke up with her. “We laughed about her backup plan failing — after she scraped herself off the ground,” Horgan says. “There was something comedically tragic about her situation. It wasn’t just tragic. It was a horrible situation that I felt I could use.” She recently apologized to her friend for transforming her story into a show.

— Hairpin pal Willa Paskin has written a delightful profile of Sharon Horgan, the creator and star of Amazon’s “Catastrophe” (as well as the brilliant “Pulling”), and the woman with the most infectious Irish clip on television (haha “television”). You’ll be delighted to learn that the overalls from Season 1 are hers and she wears them in real life. Her next project is an HBO series called “Divorce” starring Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays Frances, “a deeply unaspirational rebuke to anyone looking for a reprise of Carrie Bradshaw.” It’s about damn time!

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