How To Monetize Your Period


Even advertisers are taking a bolder approach to menstruation. Instead of displaying blue liquids squirting out of pipettes and women in white dresses frolicking on the beach, they are showing real women doing real activities, like working at a computer.

Periods are cool now that we can make money off them! Previously the government was making money off our period blood through sales tax, but many states are moving to eliminate it. This should clear the way for the sale of all kinds of new products like period underwear, organic-cotton tampon delivery service (or as I like to call it, because I’m pretty sure I invented it in my mind last year, Uber for tampons), DivaCups, weed strains for your cramps, and many more. (Fun fact: did you know that, for two years, Energizer, the BATTERY COMPANY, owned the Stayfree pad, Carefree liner, and o.b. tampon brands??!!?? What a world.) The period marketplace is real! So get out there and pitch your period idea now before someone else gets millions of dollars for it. Do like the LOLA founders and make some dudes in a conference room very uncomfortable. Happy bleeding!

Photo: Conor Lawless