This Holiday Season at the Hairpin

by The Hairpin

If you’re a regular reader of this site you might have noticed that things have been a little less intense here lately. And you’re not alone! A couple (dozen) people have asked us: okay, what is going on here at The Hairpin?

Up until now we haven’t said anything. It’s kind of gross and boring when people make a lot of noise about what’s going on with their blogs. Also we love suspense. But some readers made a compelling case that it would be nice if we were to offer a little clarity on the future of the site. That’s fair.

So what’s happening? We’re actively planning what The Hairpin should be next, in a way that pays tribute to its legacy. Hearing from readers about The Hairpin’s significance gives us a powerful responsibility to make sure that the site continues to exist as a special place on the web where a certain kind of person feels she (or he) is always at home. It’s equally important to us that we find a way to do that in a sustainable fashion, so that the site is able to flourish and grow and serve the people it should. We take that obligation seriously.

Still: This is the time of year for putting things to bed, for closing out the books, for doing all the ugly dumb stuff that allows websites to go on year after year. So our immediate plan is to let it all get sorted out in the meantime. As the year draws down, we will be busting out some of the classic stuff from The Hairpin that you may or equally may not have enjoyed the first time around. Classics! Then, on to something new.

Thanks for your affection, thanks for your suggestions, thanks for waiting.

Alex, Choire and Edith

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