32 Horror Movies That Aren’t About Women Being Sex-Murdered*

by Alexandra Molotkow


32. Killer Klowns from Outer Space
Pretty much what it sounds like!

31. Basket Case
Brotherly love! Times Square in the ‘80s!

30. End of the Line
Horror… in the subway!

29. The Psychic
Premonitions… of death!

28. The People Under the Stairs
Bad parents!

27. Blue Sunshine
Bad acid! The horrors of aging!

26. Splinter
The Thing but less amazing but The Thing is so amazing who cares, we’ll take it!

25. Rec
Zombies in a building! Seen through a camcorder!

24. Funny Games
Maybe YOU’RE the bad guy!

23. Session 9
 …Maybe YOU’RE the bad guy!

22. Deep Rising
Sea monster kills you in messed up ways!

21. Altered States
Dreaming DILF!

20. Dreamcatcher
Aliens colonize (male) bodies!

19. The Babadook
Yeah yeah we get it don’t have kids!

18. Near Dark
Vampires are the coolest!

17. The Midnight Meat Train
Bradley Cooper peaking early!

16. Taxidermia

15. Cloverfield
Big monster, big city!

14. The Ring
Goreless horror!

13. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)
Up all night!

12. The Mist
Creatures from Literal Hell wreak psychological havoc in a supermarket!

11. Prince of Darkness
Satan… in a bottle!

10. The Abandoned
Cabin in the Russian woods! Not what you think!

9. Hellraiser
Death-sex, but only one sex-death of a woman!

8. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Quite possibly not that sexist!

7. May
Cool and troubled female loner kills out of love!

6. The Descent
Caves! Not a metaphor!

5. 28 Weeks Later
Turbo zombies! Boss carnage!

4. Aliens
Godforsaken party ship with some of the world’s coolest people!

3. The Thing
Body horror in the arctic!

2. The Wicker Man (1973)
Lifestyle porn!

1. Inside
Controversial choice!

*May include sex murder