The Week Of August 31 — September 4

It’s Friday, it’s a long weekend, and it’s Beyoncé’s birthday. We’re done. Everyone go home.

This week was all about RESOLUTIONS. New seasons are the best time for making promises to yourself, I think, which is the loose definition of what a resolution is. To that end, Silvia provided some very definitive definitions of resolutions, both in theory and in practice, while Jamie resolved to embrace her fall fuckability. Casey resolved to embrace the centipedes that torment her, and Monica embraced a fitness routine expressively designed for becoming A Better You (kind of). Fariha, Hannah, and Sara talked about self-care and depression, and the conversation is full of necessary resolutions for all of us.

We celebrated the birth of Keanu Reeves and mourned the death of Wes Craven; we asked whether dirtbags can ever be funny, and if we should even bother going outside; Alex began her new series on The Hottest Couples Of All Time, as well as The Five Best Songs Of All Time, and provided a handy alphabet of small talk. All of these posts will prove useful should you find yourself strapped for conversation at whichever beach you visit this weekend. Don’t forget to bring up Mamie van Doren’s extremely impressive personal website!

We will be off on Monday, and hopefully you are as well! Meet us back here on Tuesday where we can compare sunburns and share our personal fall lookbooks.

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