A Smokey Eye For Lazy Girls

Shoutout to my four-year-old neighbor who yelled HEL-lo! right as I was filming this intro, you’re cute and I respect that you always park your scooter a reasonable distance from my front door.

Anyway!! In beauty school, this was one of the first eyeshadow techniques we learned, because it’s so simple even a total idiot (me) can figure it out. I thought I remembered us being told that this was a “two-step” smokey eye, but, I mean, I just did it, and it was clearly three if not more; just one more lie the beauty industry propagates, I guess.

It’s still very, very easy. Unlike traditional smokey eye makeup, which is the process of some seriously challenging shading, this version lets you plop a bunch of cream and powder on your lids, go wild blending, and still look like some super hot, sultry bitch who totally knows how to do her own makeup like a pro.

The other great thing about this smokey eye technique is that you don’t need to have a super-pronounced eyelid crease for it to work; you can just apply the color to whatever height feels best for you. I more or less followed my natural crease line, but that’s by no means mandatory.

As well, you can use ANY two colors for this technique to work. I used the traditional black and gray, but this works beautifully with purples, navy blues, whatever. The only one rule is to start with a darker base and a lighter highlight, but the possibilities are truly endless.

For more advanced techniques, watch Jane Marie’s eyeshadow trilogy, and then your life (and your makeup looks) will be complete.

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