The Fight Club Of Beauty Blogging

Not really, but can you imagine? What would the fighting ring look like? What kind of weapons would be allowed? Cheap perfume and dried-out lipstick, probably.

The first rule of Makeup Alley is you do not talk about Makeup Alley, and I broke that rule, disastrously. I’ve lurked on Makeup Alley, the premier website for beauty addicts to review and discuss products, for the better part of a decade, starting when I was an acne-smattered high school student with stretch marks on my stomach. Makeup Alley, it seemed, held the key to my becoming a more beautiful person, if I was willing to pony up for the products users raved about.

Claire Carusillo’s excellent examination of a deep dark Internet makeup cave for Racked has the perfect amount of intrigue, conspiracy, and impenetrable acronyms. Read it here.

Illustration by Jordan Kay c/o Racked