Kyrell Grant on Life on Twitter

by Splitsider

Kyrell Grant is a freelance writer for hire located in Toronto. On Twitter, you can find her under the name black frances ha, or @imbobswaget. This week Grant talked to me about three of her favorite tweets, engaging people on Twitter, and what’s awful about the movie Save The Last Dance.

What’s your favorite interaction you’ve had on Twitter?

There have been a couple, I know. Once I made fun of k-os and he actually tweeted at me asking me why I was laughing at him. It’s good to know semi-famous canadian indie rap artists are searching their own name. They’re just as insecure as we are.

Also, anytime I have a thirst tweet and immediately all my friends will let me know I have disgusting taste and they’re ashamed of me — which they do out of love, it’s nicer than it sounds — is pretty hilarious.

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