Fall Resolutions, Defined

[a. OF. resolucion, -tion (14th c.; mod.F. résolution, = Sp. resolucion, It. re-, risoluzione), or ad. L. resolūtiōn-em, n. of action f. resolvĕre to resolve.]

†1. a. = dissolution 8. Obs. rare.


†b. A state of dissolution or decay. Obs. — 1

(You’re still going to get wrinkles, though.)

2. a. The process by which a material thing is reduced or separated into its component parts or elements; a result of this. Also attrib.

It’s a skin-bag of bones, what did you expect.

b. Const. to, into. Also, conversion into something else, or into a different form.

Become one of those people who wears sunscreen every day.

c. Orig., the effect of an optical instrument in making the separate parts of an object (esp. the stars of a nebula) distinguishable by the eye. Now more widely, the act, process, or capability of rendering distinguishable the component parts of an object or closely adjacent optical or photographic images, or of separating measurements of similar magnitude of any quantity in space or time; also, the smallest quantity which is measurable by such a process.

Because the forward-facing camera somehow picks up all your freckles.

3. Med. †a. Dissolution or dispersion of humours or of morbid matter in the body. Obs. †b. Conversion into purulent matter. Obs. c. Disappearance of inflammation without coming to suppuration.

Keep track of your goddamn period.

†4. Conversion to a liquid state. Obs.

Only Alex Mack has the superpower to melt into a liquid and slink away. You have to learn how to walk on jello legs.

5. Relaxation or weakening of some organ or part of the body. Now rare.

“Owing to the complete muscular ‘resolution’ the cheeks will be flaccid”*

6. a. The process of resolving or reducing a non-material thing into simpler forms, or of converting it into some other thing or form.

Autocorrect saves you more than it hurts you.

6. b. Const. into or †in.

Allow it into your heart.

6. c. In prosody, the substitution of two short syllables in the place of a long one.

Avoid having to say ‘dilettante’ out loud at all costs.

7. a. Math. and Logic. Obs.

Tip $1 on your $4 coffee.

7 .b. Logic.

Every time.

8. Mus. †a. Obs. rare. b. The process by which a discord is made to pass into a concord.

Never ever be that person who harmonizes at the end of “Happy Birthday.”

9. Mech.

Take your bike in for a tune-up.

10. a. The answering of a question; the solving of a doubt or difficulty. †Also, the supplying of an answer. Now rare. (Freq. in 17th c.) b. The solution of an arithmetical or mathematical problem. Now rare or Obs. †c. Without const. An answer or solution. Obs. (Freq. in 17th c.) †d. In phr. of..resolution, (hard or easy) to resolve. Obs. rare.

“If you are going through it, just know it’s called going through it — you’re not gonna get stuck there, you’re not gonna die — you’re gonna survive.” — Tina Knowles

11. a. A statement upon some matter; a decision or verdict on some point. Now rare or Obs.

Instagram is only one part of the story.

11. b. A formal decision, determination, or expression of opinion, on the part of a deliberative assembly or other meeting; a proposal of this nature submitted to an assembly or meeting.

Stop looking so much.

11. c. A solution or settlement of a dispute.

You’ll find there’s a lot you don’t know, and you won’t, until eventually you do.

†12. An explanatory account of something. Obs.

‘Fess up when it’s your fault.

†13. a. The removal of doubt on some point from a person’s mind. Obs. rare.

Tell your sister you love her.

†13. b. Confidence; conviction, certainty, positive knowledge. Obs. rare.

Act as if (because you do).

14. a. The (or an) act of resolving or determining; anything resolved upon; a fixed determination. b. Const. for, of.

You know you can’t know the future so stop trying.

15. Determination; firmness or steadiness of purpose; unyielding temper.

Stay calm, don’t yell.

†16. A resolute person. Obs. rare — 1.

Be one.

*(This is just the exact O.E.D. quote from Clifford Allbutt’s 1899 “System of Medicine.”)