Ask Baba Yaga: How Do I Break Out Of My Hermit Shell?

Dear Baba Yaga,

A year ago I moved to a new town and had to work 24/7 with no time to socialize. Now I’ve gotten past the hump in my career, but I seem to have forgotten how to have friends. I’m really lonely but all I want to do is hide. How do I break out of my hermit shell?


)) Breakage is a violence & a doing yr soft body cannot take. Why ruin the shell that protects you, that is yr home? , Rather, find in the forest a tender moss patch, one where there is water & a good feeding, where safe others sometimes go. Slip from yr shell (but keep it close) — nibble on a green thing. Look in the eye of a friendly creature. Retreat into yr shell. ; Do this every several days. It is the reaching for what is tasty that will coax you out; there must be no shattering .

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Taisia Kitaiskaia is a poet and writer living in Austin. She’s taking questions on behalf of Baba Yaga at askbabayaga [at]

Illustration of Baba Yaga’s hut by Katy Horan.