“Even with all the negative attention, subscriber numbers began to climb”

oh girl

This story about the rise of Goop is pretty great. The women who built the product came out of powerhouses like Lucky and Martha Stewart and Oxygen. It built organically and slowly. Why did we sometimes made fun of it? Because sometimes there’s a certain prattling on about like, acupuncture or toxins or stress that’s totally Hollywood hallucinatory! That’s fine, it happens to lots of nice people.

Here it all comes soon though: Goop the beauty line, Goop home goods, Goop kitchenware. Goop stores. Why not? Dumber things have happened to less-nice people. And:

Even as early as a month in, Goop was met with criticism, thanks to the fact that Paltrow had been labeled both an “irritant and idol to New York for well over a decade.” A New York Times columnist lamented, “I feel undernourished already.” Joy of Cooking editor Beth Wareham mused, “Does the world really need another banana muffin recipe? I think someone like Gwyneth Paltrow would be better at telling people what not to eat.”

Even with all the negative attention, subscriber numbers began to climb.

If we’ve learned one thing from the Internet, and from the last 10 years, it’s that “things people write and say in the media don’t really matter.” Hatereads, lovereads, what’s the difference. “Things your friends do” is the only important metric yet.

NOW HOW DO I GET ALL THIS MERCURY OUT OF MEEEEEE. Is it with that weird acupuncture fake thing where they leave those icky round hickeys all over you???