“Anything you stick on your face can be augmented.”

The conversation around wearable tech feels like a corrupted mp3 file most of the time: white noise and repetition. Check out the latest FitBit collaboration, the latest smart watch, the latest “health/office” innovation that will just so happen to monitor your every move. While these innovations may nudge us closer to our inevitable cyborg future, they often lack the kind of pleasure that makes IRL worthwhile. You know, the joy of creation. Having fun to have fun, because we can — with anyone around the world. There is, however, one company focusing on just that. Its goal is to make wearable tech a femme fantasy utopia. Enter the world of Metaverse Makeovers: the augmented reality beauty company. Beauty isn’t just skin deep, it’s in computer code now, too.

For i-D, Hairpin contributor Arabelle Sicardi talks to a “girl-led, wearable tech, augmented reality/virtual reality company.” I want this on my nails right now.