A Fun, Low-Stakes Game Of Mad Libs

Where Have All the [Adjective] [Profession] [Action]?

[Name]. [Name]. [Name]. [Name].

Whatever happened to [job] as a [adjective] profession?

While [object] and [object] have always attracted many types of [noun], the most notable [jobs] often gained fame and recognition through their bravery in the face of extreme conditions. [Name] and [Name] were [impressive thing]. [Name] took on the [scary thing] and paid for it with a [adjective] [verb]. [Name] earned his [noun] through decades of [adjective] [verb] and by challenging the [something] of the [something].

Somehow names like [Name], [Name], and [Name] don’t [adjective] [verb].

There was an [adjective] [verb] to my [family member]’s job; [profession] was a job of [something cool] and [something cooler], like [cool thing here]. There was also a correlation between the [adjective] of the [someone cool]’s life and the [adverb] of his [profession]. Being in [state of extreme something], or even knowing that someone you [verb, past tense] about might want to [verb] you [adverb], made you care about [euphemism for boner].

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