All Cosmetics Are Exactly The Same


Remember when Kanye West said that everything was exactly the same? Of course you do, it was great.

I was thinking about Kanye today* (*every day) when I was trying to get ready for work and all my shit was divided up between the several different suitcases I lugged into my new apartment yesterday and I knew I had some kind of texturizing cream somewhere because the ends of my hair were just fried but the idea of trying to discern which bag in which suitcase contained the right kind of cream seemed like exactly the kind of activity that would push a tired person* (*me) over the edge. So instead I just used my moisturizer! Have you ever done that? If you haven’t, let me just say: go for it. It’s great. My hair is very smooth right now, or at least as smooth as hair that’s been bleached to shit can ever be.

I briefly mentioned this when I talked about the “Cream to Cream, Power to Powder” rule. I would never, ever imply that our overpriced beauty products are anything less than completely unique and completely necessary to our overcrowded cosmetic bags and bathroom counters, buuuuuttttttt. Any cream product that does one task for one part of your body (like, say, moisturizes your skin) will probably work just as well on another part (like, say, moisturizing your hair). I sometimes take the leftover drops from my nighttime face oil and run it through my hair as a companion nighttime hair serum, for example, and I’ve been experimenting with my different NARS lipsticks as blush (any of the bright pinks have worked very well so far).

I think laziness is an underrated value when it comes to cosmetics. Don’t reach too far or sort through too many bags of assorted goops. I mean, don’t buy so much makeup, but let’s not go toooo crazy.

Other popular shortcuts include: hair conditioner as shaving cream, really goopy lip balms for dry patches of skin, and of course, moisturizer as eye makeup remover. What are your favorite beauty-related shortcuts?