Addendum to the Proust Questionnaire

by Durga Chew-Bose


The three tabs I always keep open on my browser

The Drake lyric that most captures my very being

The song I play on repeat when meeting a deadline

The song I play on repeat when I’m getting ready to go out but ultimately end up staying in

The song I listen to when conceiving that scenario; the one where I run into my ex

The people whose phone numbers I have committed to memory

The series finale I watch when I want to whip up feelings of nostalgia for no particular reason

My go-to deli sandwich order

The last thing a man explained to me

A celebrity’s abs I could identify sans face

The last celebrity death that really shook me

The encouraging proverb-like phrase I say to myself before walking out the door and attending an anxiety-inducing party

A movie that everyone loves and that I just don’t get

The quality I appreciate most in the last person I was quick to judge

My least favorite color to wear that everyone insists I should wear more

What I imagine my best friend is doing right now

An item of clothing I love but is least flattering for my body type

The lede in a fictional profile written about me

My phone’s ratio of selfies to non-selfies

My last selfie

My last screenshot

The celebrity I don’t follow on Instagram but whose account I search regularly

The celebrity whose Wiki page’s Personal Life section I’ve committed to memory

The last recurring mass email I unsubscribed from

My favorite turn of phrase to describe pure mirth

My favorite collective noun

My favorite drunk 3 a.m. snack

My second favorite Michael Jackson song

A treasured possession that I recently gave to someone I love

A word I overuse when feigning interest

The quality that I desire most in a fast new friend

The quality that I desire most in a hot regular

The quality that I desire most in my weed dealer

The quality that I desire most in the stranger sitting next to me at a wedding where I know no one

The sentence I would use to characterize my resting face

The last book I read whose cover I judged but whose content I loved

An item of clothing I never returned to a friend

My least favorite party theme

What I regard as the lowest depth of Twitter bio

The most recent fear I’ve confronted

My favorite Rihanna look from 2005–2008

My favorite Rihanna look from 2008–2012

My favorite Rihanna look from 2013

My favorite Rihanna look from 2014

My favorite Rihanna look from 2015

Something I am currently anticipating with a level of excitement singular to childhood delight

My state of mind in a few hours will hopefully be

The last compliment I received

Durga Chew-Bose is a writer living in Brooklyn.