So, What Are We Doing This Weekend?


Alex and I made a little pact last week: for the rest of the summer, we’re going to make a real effort to ~enjoy the outdoor world~ because hi it turns out there’s a lot to do and see out there!! We’re going to set aside a little time each week to, like, take a walk, or read a book, or just something that is both leisurely and productive in terms of our mental and physical health. I would really encourage you to join us! This weekend I have big plans for a popsicle and a park; what will YOU be doing?

In other news, uh, did you notice we got a whole new website?! Because I did!!! It’s so beautiful!!!!! I want to publicly and loudly and emphatically thank Dusty Matthews, who did the redesigns for every Awl network sites, he’s a great person, let’s all buy him a beer sometime soon.

We also painted our lips red, bought white shoes against the advice of much smarter people, drank a Finger Bang, listed the world’s worst cockblocks (we see you Steve), got some advice from A Very Smart And Nice And Pretty Lady, asked Baba Yaga some time-sensitive questions, contemplated whether or not our children are possessed by demons, sent poems to our friends, baked a cake in a mug, and broke up with Big Data. Alex wrote a truly wonderful essay on Charlotte Lennox and other Crazy Bitches, you should read it right now.

Ok, well, there’s some kind of frozen sugar delivery system designed as an edible object with my name on it, so: BYE. See you Monday!!!!!!!