Animals That Make Me Feel OK About Only Getting My Mom A Card For Mother’s Day


When I saw people on my Facebook feed were getting their moms really fancy gifts for Mother’s Day, I started to feel bad, because all I got my mom was some dinky card. I must be the worst kid in the world. I mean, maybe not the worst kid, since an octopus’s eggs are so high maintenance the mother will end up forgoing food while she takes care of them and will pretty much promptly die, but, you know.

She was pregnant with me for nine months, after all. That doesn’t seem that long when you consider the frilled shark has a gestation period of three and a half years, but it’s still pretty long.

I didn’t even get her flowers! As soon as the queen bee becomes old, the worker bees immediately replace her, even though she is the mother of most of the bees in the hive.

She sacrificed so much for me. Orangutans are breastfed until they are four years old.

I put her through a lot growing up, always fighting with my brother and sister. Black eagles will starve out their siblings, but it was probably annoying how we could never decide what to watch on TV.

Yes, I suppose I could have made reservations for brunch. Hey, did you know that spiders of the stegodyphus lineatus species eat their mother?

Anna Fitzpatrick would like her mother to know that she loves her very much and is grateful for all the life she gave her and stuff.

Image via Wikimedia Commons