The Prosperity Gospel of Rihanna


Money is unclean. Cash flows; as it slips constantly out of debtor’s hands into creditor’s, fingerprints, stains, emotional and moral significations muck up the paper — over time, cash even builds up its own scent. That musk rarely transfers onto polite women anymore, who rarely touch dollar bills in the age of Venmo and sugar baby feminism. Rihanna still wants it in cash. Bad Gal, unmoored and uninspired by American dichotomies of cleanliness and defilement as she is, prefers her payment liquid and solid to the touch.

This is the first paragraph from Doreen St. Felix’s piece on Rihanna’s prosperity gospel, and it only gets better and better with each following sentence. Read it, watch the video for “Pour It Up” on repeat for the rest of the day, bye.