“So What Does the Exhibit Drake Curated for Sotheby’s Look Like?”

And in that sense, Drake is Sotheby’s perfect collaborator. Contemporary art occupies a position strikingly similar to his in the pop cultural matrix: it’s something everyone is supposed to know about, but you’re meant to appreciate it with a certain degree of wariness. While Drake is an undisputed hip-hop king, his reputation for unbridled emotion has garnered him no small amount of derision. Energetic tenderness as swagger is a tough pose to strike.

But that’s exactly what Drake has brought to the table at Sotheby’s, and it’s what makes the exhibition, which opened yesterday and runs through June 12, such a success. “It was really his enthusiasm — he was super, super excited to be a part of it,” says contemporary art specialist Jacqueline Wachter. “Every detail in the catalog, every song choice — he brought a lot of joie de vivre. And I think having someone who’s such an important tastemaker doing something completely different from what we do is a really interesting dialogue in the exhibition.”

Ok well you know where to find me from now until June 12th.

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