Please Welcome Alexandra Molotkow


Oh hi! Good morning! I have some extremely exciting news for you, but first, let’s take a breath and gather some background. Hi. Where are we?

This is The Hairpin dot com, an independent website that is run by women. We publish writing and other kinds of work to the world by women (and some men), and is read by women (and some men). We like to say that we’re a home for “petty enthusiasms,” which is why you’ll find lots of articles on Drake, or placenta face masks, or extensive definitions of important concepts — because we like those things and we want to share them with you!

Here’s something else you should know about The Hairpin. On May 4th, Alexandra Molotkow will become our new contributing editor.

Alexandra is an incredible writer and editor who has written many wonderful things for many wonderful places (more on that below). She also has impeccable taste in music and vintage Ferragamo flats, and somehow, when she pours tequila and soda and a splash of lemon into a glass, it tastes better than when anyone else pours tequila and soda and a splash of lemon into a glass. Alex and I spoke about all the IMPORTANT ISSUES — who we are and all that junk — so that you can get to know her before she starts. You’re welcome.

Haley: Are u hiding in invisible?

Alexandra: Oh shoot I thought I was visible. Hello!

Haley: No let’s stay invisible. It’s ~sexier~

Alexandra: OK. Lol.

Haley: Ok SO. I wrote down a few questions.

Alexandra: Wicked. You know I love questions.

Haley: And I love answers. Ok, time to focus.

Alexandra: Let’s get this burger fried.

Haley: Well, now i want a burger. OK HERE WE GO. Super easy existential question to start: WHO ARE YOU?

Alexandra: Well, the straight answer is I’m a writer and editor from Toronto. I write an arts column for the Globe and Mail and I was a founding editor at Hazlitt and before that I was an editor at The Walrus and I have written for The Believer and The New York Times Magazine and THE HAIRPIN.

The authentic answer is oh my gosh Haley who the heck knows who they are what is the self.

Haley: Oh sure. Second question, equally difficult: where are you right now?

Alexandra: I am on my old bed in my tiny apartment, typing on a folded duvet!

Haley: Lol I’m on my couch slouched down with my laptop like right under my chin. Such glamor.

Alexandra: SO glamorous like you wouldn’t even believe.

Haley: Like just round the clock glamor.

Alexandra: I’m wearing a very beautiful dress that I only wear around the house because it means I never have to feel bad about never getting dressed.

Haley: OH that’s such a good idea!!

Alexandra: I know!! It revolutionized my life.

Haley: So as we love to say over and over again, The Hairpin is a home for petty enthusiasms. What are YOUR petty enthusiasms, besides gorgeous house-dresses? Or including gorgeous house-dresses, whatever.

Alexandra: This month of April 2015, they include gorgeous house-dresses, Laura Nyro, halloumi cheese, Laura Nyro & Labelle, Cookie Mueller, Dory Previn, the idea of an Astral Plane, and Todd Rundgren. And Delicious Foods by James Hannaham, because I just finished it. And I like scary patterns from the 1970s, too. And disco. And books about disco.

Haley: What’s a SCARY pattern from the 1970s? I need a visual aid.



I thought The Tenant was a deeply stupid movie but it had some of the best interiors I’ve ever seen and Isabelle Adjani looked amazing in every scene and here is a pattern I love that she wore:


Haley: What’s the one thing you’ll NEVER post on The Hairpin?

Alexandra: I will NEVER post anything boring. (I will try my best to never post anything boring.)

Haley: Ok same. LIGHTNING ROUND.

Alexandra: OH NO.

Haley: PREPARE YOURSELF. First question: What music are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

Alexandra: Oh my gosh I am not listening to any music! Hold on…I pressed play on the highlighted song on my iTunes and now I’m listening to “Bird of Beauty” by Stevie Wonder. Earlier I was listening to “Perfect Angel” by Minnie Riperton, it is a Stevie Wonder day!

Haley: Oh good one. I approve. And what did you eat for dinner last night?

Alexandra: Greek fries (fries with feta) and spanakopita from It’s All GRK.

Haley: Twitter: BLOCK or MUTE?

Alexandra: Mute. No. Block.

Haley: I’m glad you changed your answer. Muting is for the weak.

Alexandra: But I’m trying to change my ways. Trying to be kinder.

Haley: Oh really. Kindness. Huh I will look into that. NEXT QUESTION. Favorite American city?

Alexandra: Psshhh. C’mon.

Haley: Lol I know right.

Alexandra: I had a nice donut in Scranton once.

Haley: Oh sure. Can’t neglect Scranton.

Alexandra: I mean, it was dry and old but I was really hungry and on a bus. A bus coming from New York. NEXT QUESTION.

Haley: There’s that kindness. Currently reading?

Alexandra: Currently reading Ronald Hutton’s The Triumph of the Moon: A History of Modern Pagan Witchcraft.

Haley: Fuck. I need to borrow that.

Alexandra: It’s amazing. Here is a picture of the author:


I love his velvet vest and I wish I could say those words more often.

Haley: Omg. He is literally:


Alexandra: He is a very respected scholar!!!

Haley: Sorry, I should be kinder. I’m definitely going to read it when you’re done.

Alexandra: Kindness takes work [smug face].

Haley: Worst vice?

Alexandra: Oh jeez.

Haley: When Choire asked me this he said to not tell him if it was heroin. But you can tell me. This is a judgement-free zone.

Alexandra: Since I quit smoking probably…I talk to myself a lot. Is that a vice?

Haley: Oooooooh I do that too!!! It’s kind of a vice, I think. I think I’m being self-indulgent when I do it.

Alexandra: It really does save on therapy.

Haley: It’s basically the same thing as therapy. And I’m a doctor, so.

Alexandra: You are definitely a doctor. Usually I have the answers, I just need to pretend I’m two people.

Haley: Best vice?

Alexandra: Drinking. Talking to myself.

Haley: Welcome aboard, you have passed the test.

Fabrics and textiles of interest can be sent to Alexandra Molotkow at alex at the hairpin dot com.