New Lovers


A few weekends ago I decided to buy a bunch of books I had seen on Instagram because that is who I am as a person. The books were the New Lovers Trilogy by Badlands Unlimited and all three are excellent. I read them in a single afternoon and keep texting my favorite passages to friends and fellow notable perverts.

One of the authors, Lilith Wes, recently spoke about the importance of sexual fantasy as a creative outlet, and I really liked this part:

Is sexual fantasy an important part of your own inner life, or is this more of a creative outlet?

Lilith Wes: Yes, yes, yes! It’s both. Sexual fantasy + imagination + wordy goodness = erotica! My brain is wired for sexy time, and allowing myself the time and space to have that is important to me; it’s inherently part of the way I’m made.

My imagination fuels my desire and my desire gives me pleasure and connection, and not just within the context of my relationship with my husband. For me, it goes into other parts of our relationship that strengthen it, which in turn, promotes other positive aspects that go beyond “us” into “me.” Allowing myself to explore and be comfortable with this part of who I am; a sexual person who likes to fantasise and who loves to write erotica just seems to be part of my journey. I think sexual fantasy is a really important thing, not just for me, but for everybody.

Her book in the series — We Love Lucy — is v. good and v. sexy, but I particularly liked God, I Don’t Even Know Your Name by Andrea McGinty, which opens with a prayer both for and in appreciation of sex (I turn my will and my life over to you, dear God, to do with my pussy what Thou wilt), and just gets better from there.

So, good morning!! What sexy sex book have you been reading lately?