My 90s/00s Beauty Trends: Where Are They Now?

this is a copy of Seventeen I have from september 2001 IT'S ALL REAL

We’ve already addressed Black Honey, but what happened to all the other makeup in our (my) makeup kits in the late 90s?

DuWop Lip Venom: Still under all my other lipstick in my makeup bag, and still effective! Somebody needs to remind the teens DuWop still makes this before the shot glasses ruin their faces. They should also probably know that it’s fun to prank your boyfriend by giving him a blowjob while wearing it.

Gap Dream solid scent: I used the last of the solid scent around 1998, before moving on to a Demeter scent (Madeline), and then, Clinique Happy.

Bonne Bell Flip Shades: Definitely a precursor to being that girl who carried a Zippo everywhere even though she didn’t smoke.

remember when rihanna brought this haircut back?

Benetint: Probably somewhere in my mom’s house. Remind me to steal it back from her.

Maybelline Kissing Koolers in Watermelon: Resting at the bottom of the sea in my pink and purple Caboodle.

j.a.n.e. Megabites lipstick in Butterscotch Burst: ????

Whatever black glitter eyeliner Urban Decay was making at the time: Worn down to the smallest nib, but still used sporadically whenever I want to make a statement. Have since grown out of using it to fill in my entire lid because I couldn’t figure out how to just do eyeliner.

Mood Magic mood lipstick: Tried once and never again, because it would not come off for three days.

Jolen creme bleach: Finally realized bleaching did not work on my mustache, accepted wax into my life.

Those combs with the waxy block of hair dye you were supposed to just brush in: At Deborah’s house.