“It’s perfectly possible that she will react badly.”

A man writes into The Guardian asking for advice about whether to tell his bride to be that a) he is bisexual and b) he has had sex with her dad before. Let’s just trust that this incredible coincidence is real, and get into it. I feel like the author spends far too much time encouraging him to reveal his bisexuality (which, yes! Be honest with your future spouse about your sexual identity whenever possible!) and not nearly enough addressing the fact that HE HAD SEX WITH HER DAD.

If she can come to terms with your admission, then you’ve chosen the right person for you. If not, she probably isn’t your “dream woman” after all.

Um, no, that is not true. I do not care how perfect you are for each other and how much work you’ve put into your relationship and how accepting you are of varying sexual preferences, what marriage could possibly survive one person having sex with the others’ dad? I mean, please tell me if your relationship has survived this. But also, dude, I think you gotta let this one go.

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