Ask Baba Yaga: How Do I Work With Someone I Admire And Despise?

Baba colleague

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Dear Baba Yaga,

One of my colleagues has no real perception of how his negative and grouchy tone can affect his co-workers. I find him to be an incredibly inspirational person to work with; if his awareness of people’s feelings were anything like his dedication to his convictions, people would have an easier time with him.

How do my colleagues and I work with him, both admiring him and despising his behavior?


You love the bear’s beauty but hate. his claws. Not every beast is tender, especially if there is genius in his making. Do as every mortal does around the Wild Ones: know the bear’s wandering & doings, know the range he needs, which meats. If certain of you is a Wild One too, then the two beasts should wrangle for strength. But it is of no use to pretend that some aren’t elk or rabbits, made for the tremor & dash, and some aren’t the heaving boulders we quiet around.

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