Ask Baba Yaga: How Can I Help People Who Resent Me?

baba middle school teacher

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Dear Baba Yaga,

I am a middle school teacher, and some days all I can think is that almost 30 students are focusing their frustration and even hatred at me. Then I feel like only a crazy person would do this job. Is there a mantra I can say when I start to think about how much the people I’m trying to help seem to resent me?


These bog children, these pimply tadpoles, these ; craven storks & moaning worms, foul little simpering bullweevils, cretinous belches on the pondscum surface are at the mercy of yr great gifts & they cannot know it. Know their lowliness is inner&outer;, & if yr compassion rushes in to wash over their dearth, let it — if not, they will grow despite themselves, & because of you, & you are the Queen of the bog, you a brave deity descending into the swamp, & yr white robe shields & protects you, no matter the muck.

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