by Jenny Zhang

I am not supposed to say the same thing twice
who cares
i was born twice
if I even imagine
five cumcakes in a row
I’ll get that fucked up face
wow that was
like just crying
like i guess he is responsible
for what inhibits me
wow what
an attack that was
when I hung my clothes
on his dummy cock
someone go:
this crunchy brown pussy
made him throw up
“it was just so dark”
I get it
no one wants to see me
so in love with who I have become
I get it
no one wants to tell me
my brown pussy has gone pus-sing
I get it
I was not born here
but I was also not born in France
those girls have less
that bathtub keeps getting bluer
and blooer
I guess ya blue
I guess ya got to
I guess the cute pic of the asian guy
really upset u
I guess the cute pic of his scrotum
was ha ha ha ha fun
it was
I’m fun too
I’m really cute too
I’m never upset
so that’s why
every time you go boo
I go ya huh!
and uppum ya
so whatttttheeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeell?
too many toons to be
iguess yeah
it’s tru

Jenny Zhang is the author of Dear Jenny, We Are All Find and Hags. She writes for teen girls at Rookie & occasionally tweets @jennybagel.

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