Weekend Roundup / Open Thread


This was a pretty snazzy week at Ye Olde Hairpinne: we interviewed Aisha Franz, brilliantly recast Working Girl, fainted while posing nude, protected ourselves from some fashion don’ts, experimented with some placenta (or ‘centa, if you’re cool), asked Baba Yaga, took a surprisingly difficult quiz, considered five moments in the life of a black mother, got to midsummer, and discovered that Drake is totally a Charlotte.

What’d you do this week??? I put placenta in my hair (you know this) and Haley dropped half a pizza facedown on the floor. She ended up firing herself. So long, Haley.

Meanwhile, across town: Scaachi Koul on Naheed Nehisi, Arabelle Sicardi on queer beauty, hair goddess Jenna Wortham on hair goddess Tracee Ellis Ross, Kelli Korducki on manspreading, Laia Garcia on fashion dicks, Monica Heisey on how an abortion should be, and Marie Lodi on snacks of the zodiac.

Don’t be like this broad; make ALL THE TIME for sleep this weekend, and we’ll see you back here Monday morning.