The Hottest Fashion Looks for 2015

by Gabrielle Moss


1. Ghost of a Victorian governess who demands that you solve the mystery of her murder.

2. Twee Amish Riddler.

3. Proud owner of 17 Subway franchises (and one Taco Bell) in the greater Norfolk area.

4. A pair of Google Glass that fell into a urinal.

5. Your suitemate from college, Josh L. (what’s he doing here? Did you invite him?).

6. A robe that you hung up in your bathroom kinda weird, and then mistook for a robber in the middle of the night when you got up to pee.

7. The twist ending to David Fincher’s The Game.

8. Fetus who just ate its twin in utero and is feeling pretty pleased with itself.

9. The swarm of bees from My Girl.

10. Werewolf who is high off his face on Oxycontin.

11. A half-deflated beach ball being tossed through the audience at a Foreigner concert.

12. Second grader whose mom has pulled her our of school for the day so that she can attend a special appearance by Kathie Lee Gifford at the mall.

13. One of those veggies burritos where you take one bite and you’re like “Ewww, this is all just steamed zucchini, I’m throwing it out,” and your friend is like “I can’t believe you, Deborah! You know, just because you bought a Prius, doesn’t mean you can just go around wasting food whenever you feel like it!”

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