Susan Miller’s 2015 Predictions for Our Most Important Celebrities

As a Gemini, in 2015, Mars will light Kanye’s house of honors, awards and achievement for the first time in two years, from Jan. 12 through Feb. 19. That will be a very critical and favorable time for Kanye to launch a new venture or album. Then, the new moon on March 20 — which is also a solar eclipse (meaning it’s a new moon on steroids) will fall in his house of fame and portends even more excitement for Kanye’s career. New moons open a path of new opportunity and this one will be especially strong and supportive. Kanye seems to be branching out in some way, either in a new business or in terms of a new musical style. Clearly, the first quarter of 2015 will be his most important part of the year for career advancement, although there will be other developments in September too (although perhaps not quite as dramatic as the ones that are happening in January through March).

Just some airtight, scientifically proven, totally reliable predictions from everyone’s favorite astrologist about everyone’s favorite dad. I’m booking March 20th off work just in case.

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