Good Morning

Do you ever have one of those really wonderful days? Like, a day when you’re running so late but then you get off the train and you find out that your friend’s train was ALSO running so late and you both walk into the coffee shop at the exact same moment so relieved — “I thought I was going to be so late and you’d be just sitting here waiting!” — and then you sit and talk and find out you have a similar opinion on something you’ve never talked about before and you could go on for YEARS but ugh you have to go to work, goddamnit. But then when you get to work everyone is in a good mood and nice and you just lol for like 40% of the day and when you finally leave to take a friend to dinner you are walking so fast you almost bump into a huge angry guy but it’s so cartoonish — the sharp turn, your lizard brains stopping you both in your tracks before collision — that you both smile and lol a little before going your separate ways. And then when you get to dinner there’s already a glass of red wine with your name on it and you spend the whole night talking with your friend about people you love and why and you leave unable to stop smiling thinking about how many truly great humans (women) you both know and when you walk in the front door your friend is like “wow you look like you had a great day” and you’re so drunk you can only reply “I diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiddd” and then you’re just like oh is that a couch OK SLEEP NOW GOODNIGHT and you sleep for six and a half hours and it’s incredible? And then you wake up STILL in a good mood and even though you know you can’t hold on to that feeling damnit you’re going to try for as long as possible?

Anyway, there’s no way I’d risk ruining all that by trolling Twitter for something to write about on The Hairpin dot com, so instead please enjoy this video of Kanye West dancing to “Take On Me.”

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