Tilda Club


I’m sure by now you’ve read Zach Baron’s profile of Tilda Swinton, unless you spent all day yesterday with your eyes shut and your fingers in your ears, which, listen, it’s your life and your business, but I’d strongly recommend that you stop that and read this instead:

“I spent a lot of time thinking that I was some kind of foundling,” Tilda Swinton says, answering a better question than the one I asked. “That I had been a changeling, that I had been found under a bush somewhere, and that I couldn’t possibly be kin — but the more I live, the more I feel absolutely like I come out of my family. I’m a sort of strange natural progression.”

Yes she is. God. Tilda Swinton was a professional gambler before she was an actress. Tilda Swinton made Zach Baron eat haggis. Tilda Swinton has played every kind of part but struggled the most when playing a corporate lawyer. Tilda Swinton’s email auto-reply kindly reminds the sender that she is “away until 01/01/2070.” Tilda Swinton is a universal treasure. Tilda Swinton makes the world a better place. Can I properly communicate just how strongly I feel about Tilda Swinton? This seems like a good start.