Weekend Roundup / Open Thread

In case you somehow missed it, last Saturday was the 30 year anniversary of the premiere of The Cosby Show, in which everybody discussed Bill Cosby’s questionable ethics, the staunch feminism of Clair Huxtable, and the onset of puberty prompted by Theo Huxtable in a tank top. Left out of our discussions, however, was the Cosby Show’s best character: Denise Huxtable, one of the ultimate #carefreeblackgirls, played by Lisa Bonet. I grew up in a similarly large African-American family with five children, and it was hard not to pigeonhole ourselves into fitting the mold of our respective Huxtable child — the closest match, actually, is me and Sondra, also the emo eldest. Her best episode is where she decides to drop out of graduate school and open a wilderness store in Brooklyn (a threat I routinely give my own mother). My other siblings bear passing resemblance to their Huxtable counterparts, but thankfully, sadly, not a single one of them is as cool as Denise — no one is. Let us praise her.

This week was pretty good, huh? This week, with us: Haley saw Gone Girl (and is dying to talk about it but has to wait until October 3rd!!) and celebrated Rosh Hashanah with Drake (everyone in Toronto knows Drake); I ingested unlimited sushi and sake bombs (do not recommend) and finally got stuff for cross-stitching (!!). What’s new with you? Did you watch Scandal (or How to Get Away with Murder or Grey’s Anatomy or re-runs of Private Practice or the classic Britney Spears motion picture Crossroads, which Rhimes wrote) last night? I’m over Alessandra Stanley, but read and watch some Women We Love — Janet Mock and Melissa Harris-Perry — for some solace if you’re still reeling.

Together, we all held hands and GIF-ed our existential abyss, drooled over Michael Douglas, checked in with Baba Yaga, thanked Derek Jeter, answered some pressing literary questions, stayed woke, tackled the most important Boyz II Men ranking of our time, almost became actresses, ordered one penis, straight up, felt lost in Montreal, smelled like teen spirit, downloaded Tinder, remembered the non-New York fashion weeks, mourned the Mitford sisters

, went to the dentist, talked pubes, and, as always, appreciated Mary-Kate & Ashley. I sound like a corrupted MP3 file (instead of a broken record GET IT), but you know where we are if we ever want to talk. How are your dogs handling the growing cold? Only their photos can keep me warm. See you Monday.